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We are a consulting firm empowering organisations to reach their full potential.


What We Do

We partner with business and organisation leaders to expand what’s possible for them. Together, we unlock breakthroughs in our work on strategy, service offering and work culture.

Who We Are

Milosz Falinski

Cofounder, Product & Strategy Principal

Milosz has worked with startups from all over the world for the last 8 years. He built successful remote teams across 9-hour time differences and lead User Experience teams on products used by over 5 million paid customers. 

In 2017 his business was acquired by Atlassian. 

Christina Leong

Cofounder, Coaching & Performance Principal

With her career as a personal coach, Christina worked with CEO’s and partners of Fortune 500 Companies, successful serial entrepreneurs and city professionals across the board.

Her areas of expertise include performance, conflict resolution, relationships and work-life integration. 


Get back to doing what matters.

We know your organisation is up to something big. Through our work, we identify and push through existing barriers, creating entirely new opportunities.

Align on vision & strategy.

Different ideas of what ‘success’ eat at the precious time you have to make an impact? We work together with your team to create alignment, leaving everyone free to act. 

Support people through rituals.

We empower your employees to do their best work by creating a culture where creativity, collaboration and trust are supported and rewarded.

Transform conflicts into action.

We transform tensions, indecision and grey areas into harmony, collaboration and power. As result, you are left with ease, understanding and trust.


Build an engine of innnovation.

Companies live and die by reliable repeatable innovation. One success will carry you for a few months, maybe years. To build a legacy, organisations codify innovation by turning it into a reliable process, available to anyone in the organisation.

Product & service design.

We facilitate design and systems thinking workshops, creating  opportunities to expand, grow your offering. Working alongside your team, we offer insights and techniques we mastered thorughout our careers. 

Product development process. 

We partner with organisations wanting to create a process that delivers innovative products. Our work with Design, Systems Thinking, Growth and Lean methodologies puts us in a unique place to build a process unique to your needs. 

Let's do something Great

We work with organisations ready to perform and break through barriers. Sounds familiar?

If you have already identified the business issue you are dealing with and would like to find out how Luminous can support you, please Book a Call with one of our consultants.

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