Welcome to Luminous Partners

We are a consulting firm empowering organisations to reach their full potential.


What We Do

We partner with business and organisation leaders to address their most critical challenges. Together, we unlock breakthroughs in areas of performance, creativity, collaboration, leadership & happiness. 

Unlock new possibilities.

We know your organisation is up to something big. Through our work, we identify and push through existing barriers, and find entirely new opportunities.

Get clarity and confidence.

We transform tensions, indecision and grey areas into harmony, collaboration and power. As result, you are left with ease, understanding and confidence to act.

Create culture of performance.

We empower your employees to do their best work by creating a culture where creativity, collaboration and trust are supported and rewarded.


Leadership workshops.

You started your organisation because you've seen something. A future no-one else has quite seen before. In our workshops we clarify and embed this vision, this possible future, so deep into the culture, products and brand, that it becomes the new norm. The new context that drives and empowers.

Powerful coaching programme. 

You are the author of your own success. In the process of addressing your challenges, we openly share, teach and train you and your team in our methods. You'll be left with all the tools you need to recreate transformation yourself.

Built on integrity.

The foundation of transformation is integrity. A culture built on integrity is self-correcting, nurturing and most importantly, human. Together we will embed proven rituals and practices that will enable your teams to show up at their best.

Transformation is a way.

Transformation is not an exercise. It does not have a budget or a completion date. It’s your access to greatness. It’s an aspiration, a state of being. With us as a partner, you will build your own capacity to transform, so you can achieve your ambitions and make an impact. 

What comes around, goes around.

Together we explore breakthrough ways your organisation can be a source of transformation for your employees, your local communities and the planet. To be a truly great organisation you need to complete the circle.

Let's do something Great

We work with organisations ready to perform and break through barriers. Sounds familiar?

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